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Welcome to Introsception

Social network for the Thinkers.

With social media becoming more and more overcrowded with noise and unnecessary chatter. With people growing more and more distant rather than coming together, we wanted to make a change. This tool helps all the artists, thinkers, philosophers, and everyone who thinks outside of the box in thinking clearly, and becoming worry free. We are the neurotics and the overthinkers who sit and plan about all the things that could go wrong. According to Cognitive Neuroscience, our brain is a prediction engine. It predicts what we see and hear even before we process the information. Which means we indeed are the sum of our thoughts. However, our brains hate prediction errors. Prediction errors cause cognitive distortions. Cognitive errors cause depressions and anxiety. Since most of us are unaware of what is going on in our brains, our entire lives go by feeling frustrated and confused. And then we take drugs, swallow pills and, form all sorts of negative habits to find an escape.

These negative thought patterns become habits. And these habits become self-fulfilling prophecies that create a loop that keeps repeating until we consciously decide to break free.

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To solve this problem we created Introsception.

Introsception is a digital journal powered by artificial neural networks. Journaling for centuries has been a great tool to ponder over our thoughts and figure out patterns from within our mind. Most journaling tools, such as notebooks or apps, are simplistic or make it very difficult to organise our thoughts and recall them whenever we want. They are also really boring to use. And this leads to frustration. And frustration does not help stay consistent.

Introsception is your blank canvas. Introsception gives you the power to redefine the meaning of your life. Introsception's architecture is based on a concept of predictive processing, modelled after the human brain. Predictive processing is a theory of brain function in which the brain is constantly generating and updating a mental model of the environment. The model is used to generate predictions of sensory input that are compared to actual sensory input. The neural architecture is composed of four main parts Mind, Memory, Awareness and Mood.�

Introsception is also a community for discussing ideas, tackling problems, networking and conducting novel research.

Thought networks to help you find the patterns within your mind.

INTROSCEPTION, allows you to create a second brain.

The default state of each artificial neural network is Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa means blank slate. Each entry you write, the words you choose, the emotions you express while you journal all create new neural pathways. These connected neural pathways help you find patterns and figure out clues from within your mind.


Memory networks help you relive your past memories and emotions in order to help you better understand yourself.

INTROSCEPTION, helps you to create a time machine of memories that allows you to travel back and forth in time.

INTROSCEPTION, also allows you to create a visual representation of your memories. Whenever we think of some idea or read about something, our brain tries to form pictures in our heads based on our previous associations. You can do the same with Introsception. With Introsception, you can create a time machine of memories. Create a visual storyline of memories to help you either travel back in time or map out a visual journey of things you want to aspire to in the future.


In the thinking room, you can form new ideas, explore new topics, and find inspiration from best selling authors and books.

The thinking room is your private workspace.

Inside you get to create new ideas, go deeper into topics, and find inspiration from the books of leaders, who faced many adversities, and how they got through them.No longer do you have to feel alone, or figure things out from scratch. In the thinking room, not only will you get to formulate new ideas, but also figure out answers to questions that have confused us our entire life.


INSTROSCEPTION also comes with a meditation room.

Inside, you can listen to meditative music personalized to you.

They say music is the elixir for the soul. Music can heal, entice, and excite. With Introsception, you get a growing library of music that helps you feel calm and relaxed. And if you don't like what we have to offer, you can upload your own.


Store and analyze your thoughts in one place.

With Introsception's dashboard, you can easily store and manage your journal entries in one place.

You can review your interactions, and responses and keep track of your moods and sentiments. Our backend sentiment analysis automatically saves your moods.


Deep Learning Analytics (Beta).

Since journaling is so much more than understanding your mind, it’s also a great way to formulate new ideas. With INTROSCEPTION, you are getting a powerful AI engine, that you can use to create unique concepts from your thoughts.

Do you want to build an AI assistant that can act as your replica? You can create it with Introsception. Do you want to create an AI that can recognize emotions from pictures and find the hidden meaning behind different facial gestures, you can build that with Introsception.We provide out of the box image, sound and object detection algorithms for students and researchers to easily deploy deep-learning algorithms for research purposes.


Showcase your ideas through IoT and social media integrations.

Introsception is compatible with various IoT and social media platforms.

If you want to test out your ideas and share them with others, Introsception allows you to connect with different IoT and social media devices. Introsception is compatible with the Google Assistant, Alexa, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype, Twitter, Twilio, WeChat and many others.